Content Development & Editing
Content Development & Editing

Content Development & Editing

Content Writing for Children books

We write content for Children books from Pre KG to K12 for all subjects. We have dedicated team of content writers specialized in handling lesson plans and Curriculum in Science , Maths, English , Hindi and computer science subjects.

Copy Editing

We are providing copyediting services from level 1 to level 3 for Medical Journals, STM books and Journals. We also language edit Science, Math, Engineering books and Journals. Wolterskluwer, IEEE, Reid Elsevier and J.P Publications are some of our key clients in this vertical.

Language Editing

We provide Language editing services in STEM Journals and Books. We check the content primarily for following parameters

  • 1. Stylistic errors
  • 2. Wordiness
  • 3. Redundancy
  • 4. Illogical flow
  • 5. Punctuation errors
  • 6. Tone and Grammatical errors
  • 7. Technical errors

Alt Text

We provide Alternative text for Accessibility books. We have seasoned staff to comprehend and create a precise alternate text from figures in book.


We provide Indexing services for Books and magazines in all subjects. We can generate subject and author Index from final PDF of the books.