Digital Conversion
Digital Conversion

Digital Conversion

We handle conversion of PDF content both searchable and Non Searchable to Word/text files using a well tested OCR process. We produce e-pub3 from word/InDesign files for all category of books and magazines. Epub3 is compliant with Amazon kindle fire or apple platform as may be required by our customers. We convert word to XML as per the client supplied DTD for books.

Key boarding - Hard copy to Word file

We receive input as hand written content or scanned Pages over mail, whatsapp or through website. We convert the content from hard copy to word files ensure 100% content accuracy and desired level of formatting.

PDF(Searchable/Non Searchable)to Word

We convert content from scanned input or searchable PDF input to word format. This involves high level OCR process which ensures quality and integrity of content. These files are formatted as per the client specifications.

InDesign to word formatting

It is same as PDF to word formatting except that input is in InDesign files. Rest of the process is same.

Word Pre-editing

We take up pre-editing of raw word files as per the client provided DTD. These files are further used for XML first pagination workflow.

Word/PDF to xml or e-pub

We have capability to convert files from word/InDesign to epub3 formats. The output files are compatible with different viewing gadgets and platforms to enhance viewer experience.