Our e-publishing world continues to be in a state of flux. High- speed internet fueled by advancement in computing power and widespread access to hand-held devices by end-consumers, has disrupted traditional business models. Newer opportunities are now opened to an industry which was constrained by a single product format and conventional location specific business models. There is need to bring in disruptive business models in publishing Industry to generate reliable and efficient content for its audience.

We are a single Window company for your all content related Outsourcing needs. We are not just yet another company in content field but much beyond it. We have a capability to offer not one, two or three but all publishing services under one roof.

Company’s existence and growth has its roots in Lean Six six sigma and JIT ( Just in time) methodologies. We have differentiated between what client is willing to pay for and what he is not. Anything that doesn’t yield revenue must go from the process and from your system. We started this company after a fair amount of market research and understood the issues and gaps in publisher and supplier business models and their dynamic requirements.

Our methodology has created a virtual publishing ecosystem with limitless capacity and talent. Sr. Management team is from e-publishing Industry and understands the client as well as its down the line operation teams very well.

We created production facilities in different parts of country which handle various verticals based on their specialization .

Our Vision

We are committed to bring change in human lives by adding value to content in all forms. This will help them to enhance and evolve their knowledge, skills and quality of their lives.

Quality Statement

Quality in content world has its own expression which can be felt and noticed by everyone everywhere. It has a strong potential to drive your business. Quality is created not screened.